Alex Wellnitz

Moin 馃憢

Ich bin Alex, DevOps/Network Architekt und Software Entwickler. Zurzeit arbeite ich an deine Apotheke und Amamed. Ich unterst眉tze Entwickler:innen beim Aufbau eines schnelleren Webs und unterrichte 眉ber Webentwicklung, Kubernetes, Netzwerksicherheit und mehr.

Baremetal CNI Setup with Cilium

In a freshly set up Kubernetes cluster, we need a so-called CNI. This CNI is not always present after installation. What is a Container Network Interface (CNI)? CNI is a network framework that allows the dynamic configuration of networking resources through a group of Go-written specifications and libraries. The specification mentioned for the plugin outlines an interface that would configure the network, provisioning the IP addresses, and mantain multi-host connectivity....

January 21, 2022 路 4 min 路 Alex Wellnitz

Site to Site VPN for Google Kubernetes Engine

In this tutorial I will try to explain you briefly and concisely how you can set up a site-to-site VPN for the Google Cloud Network. Prerequisites We need 2 virtual machines. The first one on the side of our office and the other one on the side of Google. Setup OpenVPN Clients Site-to-Site Client Office Side We need to install OpenVPN, we do it as follows: apt install openvpn -y After that we add our OpenVPN configuration under this path /etc/openvpn/s2s....

May 6, 2021 路 6 min 路 Alex Wellnitz

Backup MySQL Databases in Kubernetes

In this post, we will show you how to create a MySQL server backup using Kubernetes CronJobs. In our case, we do not have a managed MySQL server. But we want to backup it to our NAS, so that we have a backup in case of emergency. For this we first build a container that can execute our tasks, because we will certainly need several tasks to backup our cluster....

March 3, 2021 路 2 min 路 Alex Wellnitz